Horsham Arts Centre - Horsham 03 November 2000 by David Garner

We saw Rick earlier in the year at Worthing and I wrote a review of that show.

Well, although I knew we were to expect much of the same we booked and drove up from Brighton to see Rick play in Horsham.

Rick was looking very good, wearing a red chenille type jacket in the first half, his KGB coat and hat for the beginning of the second half – I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t seen it – and a more sober grey/blue jacket for the second half. The staging and lighting simple but effective.

The playing was, as ever superb. The music was, as ever excellent. Played with great passion (if you don’t believe me just watch and listen to him play Children of Chernobyl) and dexterity (Merlin of course).

Yes, I had heard the stories before at Worthing, BUT they still made me laugh AND I think Rick has embellished a few of them as only Rick can.

What with Canon, Birdman, Jane Seymour – with full church organ sound, Eleanor Rigby etc you can’t go wrong. The Horsham audience was truly varied with some quite young children to many, shall we say, Senior Citizens who even had their own brilliant anecdote about a group of old people from a care home coming to one of Rick’s ROCK concerts …………. Great stuff.

Watch out for the audience participation part of the evening!!

The sound was crystal clear, the music superb and we left feeling we had been in the company of friends to share a unique evening. The Horsham audience were really appreciative and gave Rick a well deserved standing ovation.

One real bonus was to be found at the merchandising counter – with Rick signing CD’s etc and talking to fans after the show. Make sure you buy the CD or DVD version of Rick Live in Concert 2000. The boxes are different but the contents the same. The CD is the entire evenings programme recorded just as we had just heard it PLUS the DVD contains all the tunes with a few bonus track, and other surprises. I’m listening to Jane Seymour now. Just buy it.

The only upset, for me, was not having enough money on me to buy Christmas Variations, which was also on sale. I chose the Live 2000 disc and then in the second half Rick ended with one track from the album which was just excellent. Now, without giving away another anecdote, the disc won’t be available in the shops until February 2001 – yes February 2001.

I’ll let Rick tell you why in his own inimitable way.

If the tour is passing near you and hasn’t already sold out, make sure you go.

You won’t be disappointed.