Majestic Theatre - Retford 11 March 2001 by Ian Prince

Rick's final theatre tour started it's second night at the Majestic Theatre, Retford, to a packed house. The small (600ish ) seater venue has been restored by local volunteers over the last few years and it is a real delight to be able to welcome stars of Rick's magnitude to our small town.

Despite it only being a year since Rick's last appearance here, this tour features a very different reportoire from last year. The addition of opera singer Ramon Remedios, (or Rambo, as Rick jibed) certainly allowed the addition of more vocal numbers. I think most people would have been quite happy with just Rick again, solo, but it certainly added something to the performance (and who would have thought I would have gone to see an opera singer in concert!) We're educated now, but not perhaps how you might think, having endured(!) the Barber Of Wigan.

Some new material as well in the shape of Da Vinci, developed from Rick's recent domicile in Italy, as well as older favourites from Criminal Record, a superb rendition from part of White Rock, the classic, Morning Has Broken and Rick's own version of Eleanor Rigby and of course the likes of 'Wonderous Stories' from the Yes days. Oh! and not forgetting the usual smattering of amusing stories.... wait for the Southend autograph one!

If you've seen one of the previous tours then make sure you get to see this last in the series of UK theatre dates, as there's loads of different material in there, and if you've never been before, then grab this opportunity to see the unique flavour of these shows before your chance is gone.

We will truly miss these dates.