Rosehill Theatre - Whitehaven 17 March 2001 by Neil Goodwin

There's an old saying that a workman is only as good as his tools. Rick Wakeman must possess the fullest tool bag in the music business. I have just watched 2 and a half hours of pure class. From the YES classics right through to the hilarious Barber of Wigan ( I wont spoil this surprise but make sure you are back from the interval in time) Rick effortlessly guided us through a rich variation of his works, his stories hilarious as usual.

Sea Horses brought a lump to my thought and the rendition of Morning Has Broken to me was a major highlight of the show. Massive credit goes to Ramon who sang beautifully while trying to hold back a cold. The meeting was a special moment hearing it played by the composer and sung by an obvious fan. The No Earthly Connection set was also very impressive. The finale was Fool on the Hill and Eleanor Rigby, a great evening’s entertainment.

I can recommend if you have a DVD player then purchase the 2000 tour DVD with free CD ( a bargain at £15) I also bought the piano tour video which I have just watched tonight, again well with £10.

The evening was tinged with sadness that as everyone knows that due to financial reasons Rick will no longer perform this type of tour again in this country. I hope to see him in future but will have to travel out of my county to see him. So called 'Pop stars' of today should take note how Rick treats his supporters after the gig. He gave each person wishing to talk to him his undivided attention. We had a great crack about YES and also Rick showed his knowledge of soccer. A great evening, please enjoy when you see him as I doubt you will get greater value for money.

Keep rocking Rick