The Pavilion - Worthing 27 February 2000 by David Garner

Having read the review of the Chatham show I was really looking forward to seeing Rick in Worthing, especially as we had front row tickets, dead centre. Rick was but a few feet away...

Rick came on at 7.30 and began with the same intro. However, the pre-show publicity had talked about a backdrop of films and pictures to accompany the evening. Whether the theatre was not suitable or the idea had been dropped I don't know and nothing was said. The show was also billed as a piano only event. Not so. Rick had the piano/synth set up plus his familiar bank of Kurzweill and Korg's. Was I disappointed?

Absolutely NOT. Rick was on excellent form both musically and story wise.

We were treated to some regular show favourites plus a few less familiar numbers. I can't recall having heard Jane Seymour live before? Rick said the advances in digital sampling etc. enabled him to reproduce the cathedral like sound of the original 6 Wives album. And it did. The organ sound resonated and boomed throughout the hall. A real treat and played with such passion.

We had Birdman of Alcatraz and Children of Chernobyl on piano - both very moving. Guinevere and The Black Night from Arthur - hadn't heard Guinevere live since the original Ice Shows in London.

Only one track from the new Preludes album - a couple more would not have gone amiss but there was a lot to fit in.

As well as some great stories - the KGB coat, Rick's mum coming to a show with a group of old people from a care home, Countdown anecdotes and life on the road including his experiences with a Mighty Wurlitzer in Seattle - we even had some audience participation. Can you believe Rick was happy to get a woman from the audience to duet with him! I won't spoil the joke.

Highlights? The whole evening really. There were no low spots. Rick's playing was faultless and possibly more emotional than I had seen? The small venue allowed him to reach the whole audience. Certainly the mixing of the original Journey with a section from Return was excellent.

The evening ended all too soon but we left having ridden a rollercoaster of emotions from the moving Chernobyl to the brilliant Nurseryrhyme Concerto (please put it on CD Rick!). Most important of all the audience went home having enjoyed a great night out.

Don't miss the chance to catch Rick on this tour and I hope it's not too long before Rick comes back to Worthing.