Royal Concert Hall - Nottingham 16 May 2003 by Simon Bourne

The last time I saw the ERE was sometime in the 70's (my memory of that era, like others, is a little inaccurate!) so I was looking forward to seeing NERE from near (sic), 4th row centre.

I have read reviews criticising the light show/stage set/sound/performance - Come on folks, this is live music from amazing musicians, if you want the studio sound buy the CD's!!

The Performance included excerpts from: Journey, 6 wives, No Earthly Connection, White Rock, Return to, Myths & Legends, Out There and Starship Trooper!!

Ashley (or was it Phil Jupitas?) was awesome, although me thinks some lyrics were missed and timings askew by the look on faces that surrounded him - but hey, as I said earlier IT'S LIVE, and he was a short notice replacement (no pun intended)!

Lee (Bass) is masterful - did anyone else spot a Jimi Hendrix similarity? Go to the gigs, see if you can spot what I mean As a sometime bassist myself, I was gob-smacked!

Tony's drum solo reminded me of an old Prog Rock joke -(In the jungle - 'Oh no,jungle drum stop!, Why is that so bad, are the natives going to attack? No, worse, it mean bass solo start!'. But then see above!

Ant (Guitar) only seemed to relax at the end of the show, but certainly lived up to his billing and his ability to control the Marshall amplifaction to the rear.

Having spent a small fortune on Yes and Rick DVD's, I was paying attention to Ricks 'back projected' hands, it reminded me of those gig's in the 70's. He may be getting older (Happy Birthday for Sunday again - yes it was me with the loud voice!) but his hands are as nimble as they were then - particularly the twiddle on the knobs with the wrist while still performing digital gymnastics on the keyboard. Brilliant!

I will be seeing 'the Legend' again on June 6th - I'll be front row, seat A1, under Rick's rig - and on July 3rd, with a bunch of other mature musicians - So if he's thinking of 'leaping' into the audience again, give me warning so that I can duck!!