Trump Marina Hotel - Atlantic City, NJ 25 October 2003 by Dave Nardone

Just a few words on an Evening with Rick Wakeman on Saturday night:

What a great night! Rick's performance was a perfect blend of great musicianship and entertaining anecdotes from his time in Yes and beyond. The room was full to capacity, and seated a couple hundred, so it was a great intimate setting for a show like this.

Rick played some classic Yes tunes, such as Wonderous Stories and The Meeting, as well as much of his great solo work, including Catherine Howard, Jane Seymour, Merlin the Magician and Eleanor Rigby. Indispersed with these great pieces were some hysterical stories about crazy fans, his family, and being drunk on stage (always a crowd-pleaser!)

One other highlight was Rick's "Nursery Rhyme Concerto", with bits of nursery rhyme songs in the style of various composers. One such bit was "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in the style of Anderson, Howe, Squire and White, mimicing his bandmates flailing attempts to play out ideas on the piano.

Thank you Rick for a wonderful evening! Come back and see us again in the States soon!