Odeon - Cleveland, OH 04 November 2003 by David Hutson

I had originally bought tickets to this show with the intention of taking a friend/ customer from Minneapolis who is a great Yes/ Wakeman aficionado. Well, it turned out that he had some business problems at the last moment and could not make it down. I scrambled to find someone who could appreciate it, but alas was left with only one co-worker, Kevin ( who is not a Yes fan, and usually rolls his eyes when I pop in one of the epics whilst we are traveling.) I promised that this evening would not have any 20-30 minute marathons. He was game, so off we went. I was a little skeptical regarding the venue as The Odeon is usually a "seatless" mosh-pit type 1000 person capacity hall. We were all set to do a little crowd surfing to some vintage "Journey" but thankfully, they had taken the expected age and "creakiness" of the audience into consideration and put out seats......WONDERFUL! The show was great. Rick was a scream. I thought the musical selections were perfect. The show was a little scant on the Yes material and, no doubt, there were some who were disappointed in that regard, but "Jane Seymour" alone was worth the price of admission. Several times during the evening, I found myself calling my missing friend in Minneapolis and just holding the phone up so he could hear.

Other highlights included "Catherine Howard" and, a piece I have always loved, Debussy's "Claire de Lune" (albeit, an abbreviated version.)The mix of music and humor was perfect. Rick's jabs at both his band mates and his career in Yes (Tales) were hilarious. I certainly hope he does this again sometime. Oh yes, my co-worker Kevin? He had a ball, but I still don't expect him to rush out and buy "Tales from Topographic Oceans" anytime soon! Then again, I guess that he and Rick have that in common! Loved it Rick. Let's golf next time!