Odeon - Cleveland, OH 04 November 2003 by Peter Roche

Rick's performance at the Odeon last night was terrific. It was an ideal night for a show, what with weather in Cleveland being an atypical 75-80 degrees on November 4. Local election results were coming in, and the keyboard wizard of "Roundabout" and "Awaken" fame was here making magic on a grand piano and his four synths (GEM, Korg 01/W, etc) downtown. The setlist has been given in previous reviews from other cities and did not change markedly. Just flawless. Rick's humor was brilliant, the most poignant remark made probably being that made in reference to Jon Anderson, who has tried so hard "to save this planet, while living on an entirely different one." Music included samplings of Journey and Arthur (Merlin), and Six Wives (Catherine Howard and Jane Seymour). Yes bits included "Wondrous Stories," parts of "And You and I," and ABWH number "The Meeting." The touching "Children of Chernobyl" and sublime "Claire de Lune," both rendered on piano, were suitable bookends for the second set.