Keswick Theatre - Glenside, PA 21 June 2006 by David Carlin

As a fan of Rick I was just elated that he decided to perform about 4 miles from my home near Philadelphia at the Beautiful and Historic Keswick Theater in Glenside PA. I had orchestra pit Row 1 on the right side of the stage. Rick was delayed about an hour and apologized due to City Traffic issues. Rick has not actually travelled with a grand Piano, but actually calls ahead to have a quality Steinway rented and delivered to the sight. The sound was superb.

Rick has a unique talent to those who have never seen him perform live. Rick is not just a master of the piano, but a master of the audience. He embellished most of his tunes with a story or two and he clearly has a down to earth comedic style. I was humbled when he introduced "Gone but Not Forgotten" when he spoke of his late mother. He mentioned the tune was to inspire a special person in one's life and it's influence was to stir up memories of the good times. He made a quick dedication to all those who have lost someone special in their own lives. It was particularly moving for my wife who lost both her parents in the span of four years.

The encore was special. The Keswick theater hosts a very old Pipe organ which is rarely played. The black cover came off, the Bellow doors opened and the organ was lit up in a spectacular light. Rick told the audience that "Oh Boy, I think this is another Radio City Moment", referring back to Yes's previous tour a few years back at NYC. Rick wowed the audience by playing the organ there during his solo spot. Rick Promtly played Jane Seymour and it was beautiful. I can't count the number of standing ovations the crowd gave him. He shook just about everyone's hand in the front row, including mine, at the end of the show.

Rick may have been running late. He left very quickly and there was a huge crowd of fans lined up in the lobby which waited for his in house meet and greet. Fans were visibly upset, but I think they understood. I did. I wanted to Thank Rick for a beautiful performance.