NYCB Theatre - Westbury, NY 06 November 2011 by Peter Grassel

I took my 18 year old son to see the Anderson Wakeman show on Sunday night- I didnít need to drag him, he was already a fan of Jon's from a show I took him to last spring when he was doing his solo gigs here in the States at BB Kings Blues Club. I wanted my son to experience the keyboard playing of Rick Wakeman who in my opinion is the finest living pianist inside and outside of rock music. My fear is that it would be my sonís only chance and my last chance to see Rick play as all who read RWCC know of his disdain for hotels, travel and a host of other things as evidenced by the grumpy ramblings of this very funny and humble giant of a man (I mean height not girth Rick). Although the moog was unfortunately left at home, it didnít matter because the true magic of Richard Wakeman is the effortless subtle and tasteful way he pours his soul into whatever ebony and ivory keys are in front of him at that moment. His playing is moving and stirring he truly loves to play and it is obvious. Jonís voice never waivers. How does he continue to be able to do that? While most rock singers with similar odometers on their vocal chords strain to hit the notes or donít bother trying anymore, Jonís voice floats and washes over the room with such fluidity. He gets so into the music each note is delivered with care and diligence each syllable pronounced and accompanied with a wave of the hand as a composer would coax the music out of the instruments of an orchestra. It was a wonderful evening watching 2 old friends share a stage, some stories, the beautiful new music that they co-wrote and the fondness they obviously have for each other. We were all blessed to be in that room last night.