Hanover Theatre - Worcester, MA 08 November 2011 by Steve Kmiotek

While I've seen Rick perform solo a number of times, and Yes more times than I can count (curiously, only when Rick was in the lineup), I wasn't sure what to expect from this tour - and was absolutely blown away. Highlights for me include the alternative versions of many of the Yes songs (like Time and Word as a reggae number) and the sheer joy that Jon and Rick had performing together (applauding each other, joking back and forth, etc.). The biggest surprise was the inclusion of some segments from TFTO and Soon, and they came off beautifully. The new music was great and The Meeting was a perfect ending to the night. I was expecting a great performance, but I was not expecting to leave hoping that they put out a live recording of the music. Thank you both for continuing to share your gifts - hopefully for many years and tours to come!