Melrose Memorial Theatre - Melrose, MA 16 June 2006 by Steve Kmiotek

Once again, Rick dazzled and amazed. The venue was a small (1000-seat) town hall, just north of Boston. Built in 1912, it had fantastic carved woodwork as a backdrop to a Steinway. Most of the stories were new and, in true form, were hilarious. A couple of highlights: a version of And You and I that included some chord sequences that the band opted not to use; and an improv based on a note sequence called out by the audience (which I think for us turned out to be something resembling the Hungarian minor scale in G), which he then segued into After the Ball.

The set list included:

Monkey on a Stick / A Glimpse of Heaven
Catherine of Aragon / Catherine Howard
And You and I
Morning Has Broken
Gone but not Forgotten
After the Ball
Wondrous Stories / The Meeting
Help / Eleanor Rigby
Merlin the Magician

The only downside of the evening was a few dolts that kept insisting on taking flash pictures throughout the performance.