Corn Exchange - Bedford 22 March 2000 by Dominic Harland
In January my wife spotted a poster advertising Rick's forthcoming appearance in Bedford. Never having been a real listener of Rick's stuff myself I was dubious but alas my wife (as in most households) got her way and to her great happiness I produced two tickets for his March 22nd appearance.

I arrived with, well let's just say, not as much enthusiasm as my wife. Rick opened the show with Birdman of Alcatraz and the audience was sold - musically. He followed with fantastic wit and the audience was sold again.

I tried to remember the set list but failed due to memorisation. I recall, after picking my wife up off the floor, some of the best music I've ever heard. The classics were there (Merlin/Guinevere/Recollection) played with absolute brilliance, I tried on several occasions on his faster pieces to keep up with his fingers but it all became a blur due to the speed of them. I had no idea that it was humanly possible to be able to manoeuvre one's digits so quickly!!

During the interval as I tried to squeeze my way past the merchandise table all I could hear was "Wow" and "Wasn't that piece fantastic".

I could rave on for hours (yes me - the man who was reluctant to go in the first place) but it would be better to see the tour for yourself. It is truly amazing. I have two regrets, firstly I don't think that any performance I see in the future will match this one, and secondly my wife wants to know when Rick's coming back to Bedford.

Thanks Rick, please come back soon. For my sake as well as my wife's.