Cliffs Pavilion - Southend 03 April 2000 by Paul Corner
We saw Rick last night, the 3rd of April, at Southend. It was a wonderful evening, Rick performing as a true raconteur. Stories that had us shedding tears of laughter were told with timing that Kenneth Williams would have been proud of. His playing was masterful and it was a great choice of pieces to entertain us with. Particularly enjoyable was 'Children of Chernobyl', and the two pieces from the two 'Journey's'. Best of all though we felt like we were all there together sharing an evening with an old friend. Rick welcomed us into his world rather than we welcomed him into the theatre. It was almost that warm glow you get when you settle after a particularly good Christmas day dinner with friends and relatives you like. It really doesn't happen like this often so if anyone is still unsure whether to go along then please get to any concert that is left even if you have to travel.

Thank you Rick and everyone else that worked to make it such a good night; unforgettable!