The Cressett - Peterborough 12 March 2001 by Steve Hawes
On a cold and unwelcoming night, three friends and I ventured into the darkness of Peterborough hopefully to find The Cressett to see Rick on his farewell Back Again solo tour. Fortunately the map supplied proved invaluable and accurate and we found ourselves tucked up nicely near the sound desk at the back waiting in anticipation for......what? Would this be simply a repeat of the previous tour? Would any of the favourites be in the set? What would he possibly be doing with Ramon?!

We need not have worried or cared. Rick provided us with a brand spanking new show, suprisingly omitting the regulars from Six Wives and King Arthur, but instead treating us to many new pieces from his vast back catologue of quality music not heard I would think for many years. And what a real treat it was!

With Ramon providing an absolutely excellent strong voice, Rick was able to delve deep into the vaults to come out with some pure vocal gems. Highlights included the most excellent Criminal Record set, several songs from 1984 and of course the absolutely hilarious 'Barber of Wigan'! This is worth the extrance money alone and should not be missed. The regular stuff was there as well, an extended 'Yes' set, 'Return to the Centre of the Earth' and the show stopping 'Beatles set', climaxing with the inevitable 'Eleanor Rigby'.

To end the evening on a perfect note, for the encore we were treated to a brand new song called 'Da Vinci' which left you feeling you wanted more, much more. The rapor between these two on stage was evident throughout the evening and coupled with a 'new' or 'updated' series of once again hilarious show stopping stories this is a show no Rick Wakeman fan will want to miss. The difficulty now is if this is indeed the last solo tour, do we try and catch Rick once again before it ends in April? Listing to a conversation in the loo at the break, one guy was planning to see ALL the concerts! What a good idea. Fancy a travelling companion?