Beck Theatre - Hayes 01 May 2003 by Andy Whitfield
From the on set this was to be a great evening, until there was a notice put out that the vocalist Damian Wilson had had to at short notice drop out the tour. But, when the crowd learnt that the one and only Ashley Holt was to stand in the crowd let out a thunderous roar of support and when Rick told the crowd that the play list would now contain some of the older Wakeman tracks the crowd again let out a thunderous roar of support. To which my wife said 'who's Ashley Holt?' 'She knows now!' The evening turned out to be one of the best rock concerts I have ever been to! Tracks from The six wives of Henry VIII, King Arthur and Journey to the centre of the earth and Out There, were played and were as good as or even better than before in some cases. Rick at one point even came down into the crowd and play his portable keyboard from one of the seats (one worried lady even came up on stage and held the keyboard for Rick), this was followed shortly by Ant Glynne who did a solo from the back of theatre. All in all, this was Rick Wakeman at his best! One great evening. My wife Sandra who up to this point had never been to a rock concert before, said that she enjoyed so much she wants to do it again, next time Rick is touring! I myself would rate the concert 200%. Well worth every penny. So to anyone who may be thinking about attending one of the tour dates, book it now! You will not be disappointed! So to Rick, Ashley, Tony, Ant, and not to forget Lee, thanks for a wonderful evening.