The Playhouse Theatre - Weston-Super-Mare 05 May 2003 by Garry Chidgey

A standing ovation was the least the audience could give back in return for an evening of excellence. Rick on stage announced his pleasure at playing W.S.M. again, and it is easy to see why.

The cheer that went up to the announcement that Ash was back, was the prelude to the guys turning out a truly outstanding show. All the classics were there from J.T.T.C.O.T.E., No Earthly and Arthur.
The new material from Out there was also well received. It was interesting to note that Ash has not yet learnt the words to the new songs fully, and had to keep an eye on the prompt sheet. However as the old stager proved his worth, he is a true pro and got through the two new songs in a very professional manner.

As for the encore, Starship Trooper was superb. At a higher pace than the Yes boys, the song ripped through the audience at a breathtaking pace. During the Merlin sequence Rick came down into the audience to drag up an audience member back onto the stage. Interestingly enough the willing helper was a pretty young thing with a very short skirt, Was this a required part of the selection process I wonder Mr Wakeman?

All in all, it was a fantastic event. After the show Rick came out to the foyer to chat and sign autographs. As always Rick cares about his audience. And for that we thank him. Looking forward to Yeovil to see the show again.