Pavilion Theatre - Bournemouth 13 May 2003 by Colin Brown

You will have gathered from the reviews of previous dates that the last-minute change of vocalist has met with enthusiastic approval by fans and this was no less so in Bournemouth. From the outset, the band were relaxed and I have never seen them in better form. The performance was quite amazing and it was obvious that they were having a lot of fun up on stage. Even some of the "staged" antics went further than normal to the point that at one stage Rick was trying not to break down in hysterics. Needless to say, this had no impact whatsoever on the music. Sensitive to the needs of the local Cherries fans, Rick kindly announced at the beginning of the show when Bournemouth went 1:0 up against Bury and informed everyone to book their tickets for Cardiff when the final 3:1 result came in.

The audience were totally absorbed in the music, old fans like me and newcomers alike and it was great that the show catered for all. It was certainly one of the best overall gigs I have ever seen.

Finally, I would like to thank Rick and the band for once again proving that rock stars can be gentlemen. The way they greet fans after the show is a joy to see (especially the very young lad wishing to get into drumming who was given some sound advice by Tony involving a couple of telephone directories on a table). Your time is appreciated guys!