Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA 22 October 2003 by Paul van der Maas

I suppose some people (Rick included, lol) may call me crazy coming all the way from The Netherlands to see his 'One Man Show in Atlanta !!

Ok, fine with me, no matter.

I attended the 'solo' together with my friend and lover Gail.

The show was of course different from what we would expect, if he were performing with his own band NERE.

But Rick is flourishing as an individual as well as a group member.

The show was a well balanced mixture of musical as well as conversational entertainment. Rick, talking about his sometimes weird experiences in his life as a performer, to us, is a real natural born talent. The stories he tells start a life of their own as soon as he tells them and with him gesticulating around and walking up and down the stage, even become more lively. No wonder he's asked many times to appear in shows on the BBC, 'Grumpy Old Men' being the latest series on BBC TV, now showing.

The show is much like his show in 2000 where Rick did a solo tour in UK . Knowing Rick well, I know he wouldn't have wanted to deprive the American people of such a high standard solo tour. His wit and high standard originality showed especially in the story about his customs problem at the hands of the KGB, trying to leave the country, his arrest in UK, in the days that he still 'boozed', when he was stopped by the police for drinking and driving: a really funny story that ended in somebody's bathroom, because the curry tried to find its way out sooner than he'd expected.

Being a Dutchman and having had the privilege of seeing his show here, in America , together with my friend Gail, I still would like to urge Rick to do his show in Holland one of these days. I am sure we could gather enough YesFocus fans to come and see him, we all love him, he's a sweet.

And Rick!!! Please take good care of yourself, we want you around for a long long time, buddy!!