Spirit Square Arts Center - Charlotte, NC 23 October 2003 by Topper Fralick

After driving four hours, I arrived at Spirit Square in Charlotte , North Carolina. Picked up my ticket at the box office and spent a lovely afternoon walking around the city.

7:00 PM back to Spirit Square. I picked up a copy of 'The Legend' DVD at the merch stand.

8:00 PM showtime!

The McGlohon Theatre at Spirit Square was a nice intimate setting for the concert. Actually an old church, complete with stained glass windows, remade into a concert auditorium. Without counting heads, I would estimate approx 250 people in attendance. (Possibly more)! Here is a breakdown of the show (to the best of my memory):

First set:

  1. Intro (Pachebel Cannon in D)
  2. Buy A Broom
  3. Elgin Mansions
  4. 'Drunk on stage in Seattle ' story
  5. Wondrous Stories/The Meeting
  6. Nursery Rhyme Concerto
  7. 'Yes member' story
  8. Catherine Howard
  9. Recollection/Dance Of 1000 Lights (Standing ovation from crowd!)
  10. Merlin The Magician (With unique audience participation bit!)

Second set:

  1. 'KGB uniform' story
  2. Children of Chernobyl
  3. 'Mother and old folks' story
  4. The Hymn/And You And I
  5. 'Cat Stevens' story
  6. Morning Has Broken
  7. 'Indian food/DUI arrest' story
  8. Jane Seymour (Another standing ovation!)
  9. Help/Eleanor Rigby


  1. Clair De Lune

The show went very well despite some problems with Rick's handheld microphone (Seems to be a recurring problem!) The sound was good and Rick's playing was excellent! (How else could it be!)

After the show, I was privileged to meet Rick briefly as he was signing autographs. He signed my CD copy of 'Rick Wakeman's Greatest Hits'. I told him that I was glad to meet him and that 'Tribute' and 'Phantom Power' were two of my favorites. He smiled and said "Phantom Power! Now that's a good one!" I shook his hand then started my trek back home. I'll never forget that handshake or the unique feel of his hand!

WOW! What a concert!

What a wonderful day!