20th Century Theatre - Cincinnati, OH 02 November 2003 by Matt Harden

What a show! A friend of mine gave me 4 tickets to see Rick in Cincinnati on November 2nd at 20th Century Theater. I'm a huge Yes fan, so naturally, I expected some Yes material. He only played "Wondrous Stories," "And U and I," and "The Meeting." Believe it or not, those were just enough. Some of Rick's stuff was just as good, if not better. He writes some very beautiful pieces. His version of "Help!" by The Beatles was one of the main highlights for the evening.

I took my little 12 year old brother, and older friend, and also a friend that was my age, twenty one. My friend wasn't into Yes, but he admitted that the show was one of a kind and really appreciated Rick's talent. It was great getting autographs afterwards. I showed Rick my Yes tattoo and he said that was major dedication. Most definitely.

So, to close out, great show. Rick is a great person and very funny. I would love to see him play solo again. I just hope that this time he'll play a full version of "Canon" and it would be nice to see "Seahorses" played, but he would need some help on that one. Hmmm?