I have no idea where July vanished to and I rather suspect August is going to race by as well!

August got off to a busy start with two charity golf tournaments on the 1st and 2nd. The first was for SPARKS at the Oxfordshire and believe it or not I only lost one ball. I made up for it the next day though at the Royal Norwich at the Water Rats golf day where I left seven little white balls in various areas of fauna!

On the 11th I shall be involved in a pilot for a new television show involving the blue plaques up on the walls of houses where famous people have lived. Can’t tell you any more about this as I simply don’t know any more!

On the 15th I will be at the BBC as part of LOOSE ENDS for Radio 4 which is live at 10 in the morning. It’s a great programme and I’m really looking forward to being a part of it. Rumour has it Dame Judy Dench is on as well. I met her once at Buckingham Palace and she was just everything you hope she would be. Absolutely delightful in every respect. She probably won’t remember meeting me though!

On the 17th I have a very interesting meeting set up with Roger Dean. Can’t say any more at the moment, but could be tremendous, so keep logging in to the site as news breaks!

In fact there’s quite a lot of good musical news that will break over the next few months.

On the 29th I will be pre-recording six radio shows. When, and with whom they’re due for broadcast with, I will let you know in the next GORR.

There’s so much preparation happening at the moment for next year and it really is going to involve so many different areas including one man shows, (I know I said I wasn’t going to do any more, but I so enjoyed Henley and also the shows in Slovakia and Japan...I’ve changed my mind!!!....Apparently you’re allowed to do that when you’re an old age pensioner))!

There are also some shows with the English Rock Ensemble lined up for next year, mostly in Europe and hopefully more to be added.

Big plans for both Journey and King Arthur for next year and 2016 that are really quite far advanced and more information on those next month.

I have heard the new digital mastering for both the Six Wives and King Arthur which have been done by Universal and they are truly outstanding. Far and away the best re-mastering I have ever heard from 1970s albums.

Journey is now out in lots of different formats and I am thrilled with the result and also the reviews and comments from people to the website and other areas. Makes it all so worthwhile.

September ‘s GORR will be a bumper one as I’ll also be previewing everything that will happening right up until the end of the year...and believe you me, there’s a lot.

So much for retirement!!!


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