Rocky & Cyril

Rocky and Cyril were two wonderful bears that sadly left for “bear heaven” much sooner than they deserved through horrendous cruelty but were fortunate to be rescued toward the end of their lives by the wonderful work of Animals Asia, of which I am a proud ambassador.

When I was putting together the Piano Odyssey album, my friends at Sony asked for a couple of brand new original pieces. I had already written a piece for Rocky which I played at a fund-raising dinner in London last year but had never recorded. Also earlier this year we had lost Cyril, who was actually our own adopted moon bear, which really left us all so devastated as we were planning to get out to see him this year.

I wrote the music for Cyril with his photo on the music stand in front of me. It was a very moving experience and I then added a string orchestra and choir for enhancement.

I knew there was footage of both Cyril and Rocky in existence and so felt strongly that the music and visuals needed to “meet up”, and so contacted Animals Asia to put the idea to them, which I am happy to say, they loved.

My publishers then kindly agreed to waive the sync license fee for showing the films and my friends at RRAW agreed to edit the footage for gratis and Sony are very happy that the recordings are to be used for such a worthwhile awareness campaign.

Both films will have subtitles at the bottom, (which will be in different languages for different territories), telling the stories of each of these wonderful bears and there will also be a version of Rocky that will be narrated by the beautiful voice of Peter Egan, also an ambassador for Animals Asia and indeed the great friend who introduced me to these wonderful animals, the cruelty they suffer and the wonderful sanctuary at Chengdu where Animals Asia take the rescued bears to.

I am hoping the two short films (both around 6 minutes long), will be up and showing on the Animals Asia site, my YouTube TV channel, this website and many other places as well in order to draw people’s attention to these wonderful bears and help us to bring to an end the horrific practise of Bear Bile Farming.