Rick and social media

We have an update about Rick on social media sites. After many years, Rick does now have an official page of Facebook, but Rick will not be posting on the page personally. It will however be a place for news items about forthcoming releases and gigs and fans can "like" the page and comment if they wish. In a similar vein, an official Instagram account posts on behalf of Rick.

The only place that Rick is active on social media is on Twitter, where his handle is (not surprisingly) GrumpyOldRick and you're welcome to follow him. He just uses Twitter as a broadcast medium however, so don't expect any replies to tweets!

We spend a considerable amount of time monitoring and trying to have removed other sites claiming to represent Rick and his interests.

Rick has only one home on the internet, this site rwcc.com. That's not to say that we don't occassionally link to videos legitimately placed on YouTube by record companies.

We would strongly encourage anyone who currently writes to inform us about fraudulent sites, to simply post a message on these sites linked back to this message to make it clear that the site is not what it claims to be.

Thanks on behalf of Rick