Rick Wakeman at Lincoln Cathedral (2005)
Album Artwork
Track List
Title Length
1 Soul Mortality Audio Available 7' 3"
2 Dance of the Imps Audio Available 5' 26"
3 Gifts From Heaven Audio Available 5' 5"
4 The All Mighty Almighty Audio Available 13' 22"
5 Dawn and Dusk Audio Available 5' 48"
6 The Da Vinci Variations Audio Available
Artist List
Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Steinway Grand Piano
Rick Wakeman Lincoln Cathedral Organ
Type Cat No. Label Country
CD HPVP104CD Voiceprint Worldwide
Miscellaneous Information
This is a 2 CD set. CD2 is an enhanced CD. It has 7 audio tracks. Tracks 1 to 5 are in Binaural - Headphone Surround Sound Stereo. Track 6 is a binaural track to warn that white noise will commence on track 7 unless you have a DTS decoder. Track 7 on CD 2 is DTS Surround Sound encoded and will play as white noise hiss on a normal CD player. A DTS decoder/surround sound amplifier will decode the white noise into 5.1 surround sound. CD 2 also has an MPG video of the track Soul Mortality
Equipment Studio Engineering
•Steinway Grand Piano
•Lincoln Cathedral Organ
•Recorded binaurally at Lincoln Cathedral •Chris Thorpe (Stereo and surround)
•Dallas Simpson (Binaural)
Rick's Perspective
There are so many emotions that race through the body when seated behind the manuals of a great cathedral organ and the feeling of power that appears to surge through the fingers into the instrument itself and in turn through the pipes themselves is almost unsurpassable.
As opportunities to perform on great cathedral organs are really few and far between, the chance of having a day to play the organ at Lincoln Cathedral was too good to miss.
The music I chose was written specifically for the instrument itself and is based around a combination of fixed notation and improvisation fuelled by pure emotion.
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Pietro Ferraioli on 07/12/2005 [Other reviews by Pietro Ferraioli ]

The best gift in my life. Thank you, Rick.

Pat on 25/04/2005 [Other reviews by Pat ]

Glorious, majestic, ethereal....if you've always fancied Rick's church organ on things like Awaken, you'll love this. The All Mighty Almighty ranks with some of the best work Rick has ever done....will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and you may see the face of God. Turn out the lights for maximum effect.