Simply Acoustic Video (1996)
Album Artwork
Track List
Title Length
1 A Wish ' "
2 A Glimpse of Heaven ' "
3 Catherine Howard ' "
4 Morning Has Broken ' "
5 Wondrous Stories ' "
6 Chapel Hill ' "
7 St Michael's Isle ' "
8 Space Oddity ' "
9 Life on Mars ' "
10 The Meeting ' "
11 And You And I ' "
12 Merlin The Magician ' "
Artist List
Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Grand Piano
Type Cat No. Label Country
Video PAL HRV 002 Hope Vision UK
Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
• Grand Piano • Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California
Rick's Perspective
This was recorded live in Wales this has some high points and is well worth viewing if you have a faith and also have a broad mind as to where you think religion should be coming from. If you don't then avoid this one like the plague!!!!
Wakey's Verdict
Haven't watched it for a long time...I really must get it out and have a look!!!
Little Known Trivia
The minister of the church where this was recorded was a fanatical golfer and his vestry had one picture of Jesus in it, (prominently displayed I hasten to add), and 37 photographs of him playing golf! (The minister that is, not Jesus by the way)!