Reviews by Phill Emmerson

Review of Return To The Centre Of The Earth submitted on 21/02/2000

It was with eager anticipation I waited for this album, on first listening I was a little dissapointed, surely Rick had not gone the Mike Oldfield way, let's hope not. Let Journey rest as the masterpiece it is, no Journey 3 please, one good thing about Return is The Dance of a Thousand Lights, 4/10

Review of No Earthly Connection submitted on 21/02/2000

This is undoubtedly one of Rick's greatest works, combined with the powerful voice of the great Ashley Holt, how could this not be a materiece, ahead of its time when released it loses none of its magic in a new milennium, best track on album is The Lost Cycle. Oh whatever happened to albums that gave you a free piece of tin foil???

Review of The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table submitted on 21/02/2000

Who so pulleth out this album from the record shelves shall be the true born listener of a classic album, this is an album everyone should have, reviews do not do Arthur justice, just buy it and listen. 9/10