Reviews by Reniet Ramirez

Review of Return To The Centre Of The Earth submitted on 12/04/2000

Finally!!!! After Rick playing for OZZY OSBOURNE on "Sabbath, Bloddy Sabbath" & "OZZMOSIS", Now what a lot of fans have been waiting for, OZZY sings for Rick. On the song "Buried Alive". Great song, great album, a MASTERPIECE.

Review of Classic Tracks submitted on 12/04/2000

It is what I call a PERFECT album. The way it was recorded, mixed, etc, is just perfect. Musically is an incredible work from every single instrument. This version of "Journey..." is so wild, powerfull & beautiful that can be considered as another ORIGINAL song, instead of just "another version".

Review of Rick Wakeman's Greatest Hits submitted on 12/04/2000

It's nice to hear Rick playing his versions of some YES songs. Also a song like "Gone but not forgotten" had made me cry almost everytime I hear it. But I don't think it's right to call this a Hits album when 50% of it is "Journey..." divided in small INSTRUMENTAL pieces.

Review of Wakeman with Wakeman - The Official Bootleg submitted on 12/04/2000

It contains one of the most INCREDIBLE performances, "Past & Present". This live version is a lot better that the original. To the point were it inpired my brother to write a story for a movie. On the other hand I don't think that songs like "Journey..." should be played instrumentally.

Review of Live at Hammersmith submitted on 12/04/2000

I really love when Rick plays with a whole band with electric guitars and everything. This is a perfect album if you want to hear him rockin' in full speed. The guitar solos are very, very good. Try "Three Wives" first, to taste it.

Review of The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table submitted on 12/04/2000

It's a strange album if you were expecting to hear Rick the way he plays on YES. But take the time, it's worth it. It's a very nice way to learn the history of King Arthur.... It's definitely a classic!

Review of The Six Wives of Henry VIII submitted on 12/04/2000

Definitelly NOT boring at all. This LP is full of energy with all kinds of instruments. A MUST! It's classical, it ROCKS, it's progressive, etc.

Review of Light Up The Sky submitted on 03/11/2002

I have only heard the title song "Light Up the Sky" and you can also find it in "The Masters" compilation Very hard rock, very commercial, . I think it's Chrissie Hammond's best song! I love it.

Review of 1984 submitted on 03/11/2002

It's funny to think that I actually hated this album when I bought it. But after a few years of being in my CDs rack I gave it a 2nd chance. "Overture" & "The Proles", made me feel comfortable with the CD, but when I saw the live version of "The Hymn/Robot Man" in the "Live Buenos Aires DVD" it totally changed my perspective. Now I can honestly tell you it's a great album. And I learned something very important too. Since Rick has so many diferent styles, it happens a lot that you buy a new album especting certaing style and when you listen to it you receive the surprise of hearing a total different thing and therefore you "don't like that album". But the truth is that you just have to wait a bit till you change your mood and giving it another try till you find your peace with that album. (NOTE: this doen't apply to the boring New Age albums. LOL :)

Review of Rick Wakeman In Concert submitted on 03/11/2002

The most incredible this in this ambum is Ashely Holt, is emotional voice is just AMAZING!!!!. The trumpet and trombone in "Lancelot..." takes the song into a whole new level. If you were gonna compare this to Yes, this would be the "Yessongs" of Rick.

Review of Live in Buenos Aires DVD submitted on 03/11/2002

A must. I think it has a great set list. "Buried Alive" from "Return...", a great medley of "1984" with unbelievable bass solo. If you love the GUITAR solos from "Clasic tracks" & "Live at Hammersmith", you fall in love with this version of "Catherine Parr". Some YES, etc. BOTTOM LINE: Another WILD Wakeman concert!!! :) Plus it has a bit of "RW Behind the Music"

Review of The Masters submitted on 02/08/2004

I wouldn't like to say this is the best compilation as there are other great ones as "Voyage" or "Recollections". But is definitely a great one. I'd like to start with "Light Up The Sky". This is a great song that you won't be able to get anywhere else as it was originally released as a single. ("The Bear" is another song from that single). I would describe it more as a "modern" compilation as it doesn't contain songs from the 70s ("Wives" & "Merlin" are live versions). This compilation covers the period of 1985-1998. This would be like a follow-up to "Voyage". It has songs from 12 different albums & the "Light Up The Sky" single.