Reviews by Marco Guarato

Review of Black Knights at the Court of Ferdinand IV submitted on 20/11/2000

Please take note, everyone of you, that the lyrics of the album are not in Italian - it is Neapolitan, so you couldn't be able to understand it even if you are learning Italian. Mario Fasciano is Neapolitan as well - and I think this is why the album is so unique: the baroque, redundant renaissance style of our Rick goes directly into the baroque, redundant mediterranean style of Neapolitan popular music, creating a brand new style that you only can define TRULY progressive. Also note that in Italy the album has been almost completely unsold - strange things happen under the sun of Napoli!

Review of Anderson/Wakeman - The Living Tree In Concert Part One submitted on 31/12/2012

I really think "23-24-11" is the best song ever written by Jon & Rick. EVER. And this live rendition is just sublime. This only song earns the album a top score, but listen to "And You And I" and "The Meeting" as well. Ah, and "Time And A Word". Ok, listen to the whole album. You will be grateful.