"Rick is aware that fans who have ordered items from PledgeMusic recently have not received them. He is extremely concerned that fans may have lost money. The unfortunate reason being that PledgeMusic has gone into administration. Not only have the fans not got the items they ordered but PledgeMusic didn't pay for any of the manufacturing costs or any royalties to Rick.

Rick’s main concerns are for the fans who have lost money. Whilst it is impossible for Rick to refund anyone, as PledgeMusic failed to pass ANY funds on, fans should speak with their credit card company or bank who should provide some form of insurance to protect them undelivered goods.

Rick said about PledgeMusic, "It started out as a good thing. If it wasn't for PledgeMusic there wouldn't have being the new recording of King Arthur. However it now looks like corporate greed took over at the expense the fans and artists alike. It is extremely disappointing to say the least".

If you wish to, you may reorder the boxed set directly from Amazon UK. We are trying to find out the status of the "one off" items and how they can be re-purchased if required.

If you received an email from us recently saying that items would be shipped, we were passing on the information to the best of our knowledge at the time. The situation has now changed.

We will update this page with any further information we get, please do not email us about the situation, we are sharing all we know.