The Masters

The Masters (1999)

Track Title Length
1 The Opening Line 3' 43"
2 Return Of The Prophet 6' 3"
3 Megalomania 3' 5"
4 Gemini 2' 51"
5 The Bear 5' 57"
6 Dylic 4' 28"
7 Freefall 9' 13"
8 Three Wives 16' 51"
9 Fremiet's Cat 4' 7"
10 Light Up The Sky 3' 34"
11 Number 10 5' 29"
12 Virgo 3' 48"
13 Pharos of Alexandria 9' 40"
14 Alpha Sleep
15 The Chasms 2' 42"
16 Forever In My Heart 6' 1"
17 A Painting Of Our Love 5' 54"
18 Les Vendanges 5' 13"
19 Merlin 7' 41"
20 Dance Of The Elves 3' 21"

The Masters (1999)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards

The Masters (The Masters)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD EDM CD 086 Eagle Records UK

The Masters (1999)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering

Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Max Hult on 09/03/2000 [Other reviews by Max Hult ]

This 2-cd features some good and some not so good Wakeman songs... it gives me the impression that Silent Nights probably sucks, as well as Live at Hammersmith and the single Light up the Sky... Rock 'n' Roll Prophet Plus seems good, as well as the piano albums reflected on this album... it gives you a good over-look of the music that (I think?) are on the albums... this is a not so important collaboration, but any Wakeman fan wanting the "Light up the Sky" single should get this... the bear from Light up the Sky was quite good, btw... the songs from Zodiaque are not so good...this 2-cd doesn't feature the most important Wakeman tracks, at least not the greater versions of these...

Phil Johnson on 14/06/2000 [Other reviews by Phil Johnson ]

The first cd in this two disk set of previously released material is excellent. The first track, The Opening Line, is a electric piece with great vocals. The third track, Megalomia is an interesting recording with Rick's son. The track Three Wives has excellent guitar and the synthesizers sound inspiring. And a good piano track, Fremiet's Cat ends the first cd. The second cd continues with sythesizer tracks and graceful piano music.

Reniet Ramirez on 02/08/2004 [Other reviews by Reniet Ramirez ]

I wouldn't like to say this is the best compilation as there are other great ones as "Voyage" or "Recollections". But is definitely a great one. I'd like to start with "Light Up The Sky". This is a great song that you won't be able to get anywhere else as it was originally released as a single. ("The Bear" is another song from that single). I would describe it more as a "modern" compilation as it doesn't contain songs from the 70s ("Wives" & "Merlin" are live versions). This compilation covers the period of 1985-1998. This would be like a follow-up to "Voyage". It has songs from 12 different albums & the "Light Up The Sky" single.