The Word and The Gospels

The Word and The Gospels (1988)

Track Title Length
1 The Word 1' 15"
2 Power 4' 15"
3 The Gift 4' 35"
4 The Magnificat 3' 50"
5 Welcome A Star 4' 20"
6 The Way 3' 35"
7 The Baptism 4' 20"
8 The Welcoming 4' 40"
9 Sermon On The Mount 7' 50"
10 The Lord's Prayer 3' 10"
11 Road To Jerusalem 5' 55"
12 Trial and Error 6' 50"
13 The Hour 5' 25"
14 The Children of Mine 12' 10"
15 The Last Verse 0' 55"
16 Galille 1' 40"

The Word and The Gospels (1988)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
David Paton Bass
Eton College Chapel Choir Choir
Ramon Remedios Vocals (Tenor)
Robert Powell Narration
The Israel Symphony Orchestra Orchestra
Tony Fernandez Drums

The Word and The Gospels (The Word and The Gospels)

Type Cat No. Label Country
Video PAL BM00003 Beckmann Home Video UK

The Word and The Gospels (1988)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
•Live in Caesarea, Israel 1988

Rick's Perspective
Originally recorded in Israel with a full orchestra and narration by Robert Powell the only tragedy is that I had not rewritten it before this filming took place. When the ultimate DVD is filmed of the New Gospels then certainly elements of this one will be incorporated as part of the music's history.
Wakey's Verdict
Wait for the ultimate DVD.
Little Known Trivia
This 100% Christian New testament oratorio about the life of Jesus was performed in front of 2,000 Jews in Israel for this recording.

Julia Harries on 11/11/2000 [Other reviews by Julia Harries ]

Open this video with a fabulous Rodney Matthews cover and you have a live performance recorded in an outdoor amphitheatre in Caesarea, Israel in 1988. It starts at sunset and the backdrop to the performance is a tranquil beach. Rick, soberly dressed in a black suit and wing collar shirt with sparkly dicky bow, looks really great and the performance is lovely. The story of Jesus Christ is narrated capably by Robert Powell both live and in the intercut scenes out and about in the Holy Land. This gives the video an interesting dimension and adds texture to the musical performance. Rick performs with the Israel Symphony Orchestra, the Eton College Chapel Choir and Ramon Remedios and the whole show is delightful. Regulars David Paton and Tony Fernandez are also in evidence. There are good shots of Rick playing and although his performance in this show is obviously more restrained than his rock shows, it's good to see him perform in this style. Highlights for me are the charming "Welcome a Star", Rick's great twiddly bits in the style we know and love on "The Baptism", "The Lords Prayer" which Ramon Remedios does brilliantly and "Children of Mine" which combines a terrific melody with great playing by Rick and vocals by Ramon.