Stella Bianca alla corte de Re Ferdinando

Stella Bianca alla corte de Re Ferdinando (1999)

Track Title Length
1 Stella Bianca 3' 32"
2 A Quatte Mane 4' 23"
3 O Core 4' 6"
4 Ariel 3' 42"
5 Aria Di Te 4' 17"
6 Romance Napoli
7 Sologoccia 4' 23"
8 Carcere 'e San Francisco 3' 58"

Stella Bianca alla corte de Re Ferdinando (1999)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Mario Fasciano Vocals

Stella Bianca alla corte de Re Ferdinando (Stella Bianca alla corte de Re Ferdinando)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD MPRCD 027 M P Records Worldwide

Stella Bianca alla corte de Re Ferdinando (1999)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering

Rick's Perspective
This was a second album based on Neapolitan style and music and was very enjoyable to work on except that the mixes are appalling. I had nothing to do with them unfortunately. It's interesting musically even if nobody can understand the lyrics!!! Neapolitan melodies are some of the most beautiful in the world.
Wakey's Verdict
If you bought the first one and liked it then you'll like this.
Little Known Trivia
Never got paid (now doesn't this have a familiar ring to it)!!!!!!

Siggi Zielinski on 11/10/1999 [Other reviews by Siggi Zielinski ]

I find this is a very good album, full of beauty. My absolute favourite is the last track of this CD, I still wonder, have I heard this one before somewhere or does it just go straight to my heart? The one called "Stella bianca" (White star) is superb, too. As a whole possibly a little bit looser than the first album with Mario Fasciano and with a slight touch of pop-music here and there but still highly enjoyable.

Barry Cohen on 23/02/2000 [Other reviews by Barry Cohen ]

If you would like to take a journey to Italy while relaxing in your own home just sit back and listen to this breahtaking masterpiece by Rick and Mario Fasciano. The melodies are simply wonderful, Mario's vocals which are sung in Italian are truly magnificent and the whole theme of this work is reminiscent of the type of music that you would hear if you were walking in the streets of Milan or Genoa. All of the tracks are soothing and highly interesting at the same time but my absolute favorite is the instrumental "Romance Naploi." If you would like something different by Rick which will take your mind away to far off and romantic places I highly recommend this Cd to you.

Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen on 12/10/2000 [Other reviews by Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen ]

The follow-up to "Black knights in the court of Ferdinand IV" is, like its predessessor a nice and melodic album. Ten years have passed since the last album with Mario Fasciano, and the sounds have improved. This album has got a more superb and elaborated sound. The songs, however, can be a bit less interesting - except for the title track "Stella Bianco", which is the absolute gem of these albums. This track alone could justify this album. And the rest are quite nice as well.