Chronicles of Man

Chronicles of Man (2000)

Track Title Length
1 The Siege 6' 24"
2 The Abbey Garden 5' 10"
3 The Banquet 4' 59"
4 The Heritage of Man 4' 7"
5 The Monks' Prayer 5' 13"
6 The Chapel By Candlelight 4' 44"
7 Castle Rushden 5' 19"
8 The Ruin 4' 33"
9 Olaf 5' 2"
10 The Peasants' Dance 3' 7"
11 Chronicles 4' 31"
12 Jesters at Court 3' 52"
13 The Monastery 5' 49"

Chronicles of Man (2000)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Grand Piano

Chronicles of Man (Chronicles of Man)

Type Cat No. Label Country

Chronicles of Man (2000)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
• Steinway Concert Grand
• Korg Trinity Pro-X
• CTS Studios, Wembley • James Collins
• Erik Jordan

Rick's Perspective
I like this album. It was recorded during a period when I was feeling a strong affinity to the piano and felt I was playing well at the same time with inspirational feel. This album was really a follow up to The Heritage Suite about the Isle of Man and was most enjoyable to record.
Wakey's Verdict
If you like classical style piano and a bit of history to boot, then this is for you.
Little Known Trivia
The proposed concert to launch the album on the Isle of Man was to have taken place at Rushen Abbey and subsequently the concert never took place.

Paul Good on 11/09/2000 [Other reviews by Paul Good ]

If Rick had performed this in the time of Medieval Britain he would have blown them away with this one. For us it awakens the spirit of history. A fine performance of classical meets rock virtuosos embellished with Rick's typical trills and frills with carefully crafted interlacing of majors and minors. One or two surprises though, a sprinkling of synthesised strings and possibly a mix up of titles between The Seige and Castle Rushen. If any of us ever wondered if Rick might have come from another planet, then this album confirms it! I aspire to his mastery of the instrument.

Nic Neufeld on 12/10/2000 [Other reviews by Nic Neufeld ]

Absolutely beautiful! I ordered this from President Records in the UK (I'm from the US), and although I do not own a massive Wakeman collection (yet), it is one of my favorites. Stand-out track is #2, the Abbey Garden. Breath-taking interaction between the melody and chord progression. Very relaxing, a wonderful piano album. There are occasionally some string overdubs, but it is mainly Rick massaging your ears with his Steinway prowess. Top-notch stuff, really.

Piotr Walczak on 31/10/2000 [Other reviews by Piotr Walczak ]

I close my eyes and my body becomes adrift , floating to the Isle of Man. There, they are waiting for me, the Chronicles of the master Wakeman, glorious relaxation, a moment of contemplation, time has ceased its passage. The Steinway in Wakeman`s hands sounds uplifting, one can hear tunes that recall a whisper of the island`s history, this music touches the imagination. Having been in such a state for an hour, I return from that voyage into reality. Someday I must visit the Isle of Man.

Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen on 02/11/2000 [Other reviews by Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen ]

This is perhaps the best pure piano album Rick has ever released. It is soft and melodic, but intense and fast as well. Therefore it is quite varied and never boring. It reminds me of the great Rick compositions; tracks like for instance "Caesarea" from "Wakeman with Wakeman". This album has a more "grandiose" feel than most of Rick's pure piano albums.

Solomon Eagle on 08/01/2003 [Other reviews by Solomon Eagle ]

Okay, who's the dumbass? Saw this in a record shop years ago and didn't buy it - looked like Rick trying to pay the rent. Oh God, I was so wrong - if you like 'Country Airs' (and who doesn't, for its purity?), you'll love this: classic Wakeman, largely piano and totally beautiful; forget the tourist-like sleeve notes, and just listen...meanwhile, one eBay auction and a lot of money later, I've learned not to doubt Rick's judgement…