Treasure Chest Volume 1 - The Real Lisztomania

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Treasure Chest Volume 1 - The Real Lisztomania (2002)

Track Title Length
1 The Scene 0' 34"
2 The Metronome 0' 58"
3 The Country Sword Dance 4' 5"
4 Free Song 3' 31"
5 The Freudian Dream 0' 41"
6 Dante Period 2' 31"
7 Orpheus Song 4' 4"
8 For The Chop 2' 35"
9 Hell 1' 57"
10 Wagner's Dream 0' 29"
11 The Dream of Hell 1' 12"
12 The Inferno Ride 0' 51"
13 Master Race 0' 48"
14 The Ride of Thor 3' 17"
15 Excelsior Song 2' 37"
16 The Guardian Virgins 0' 19"
17 Rape, Pillage and Clap 3' 24"
18 Love's Dream 3' 47"
19 The Suffering 0' 14"
20 Peace at Last 3' 52"
21 Love's Dream 4' 26"

Treasure Chest Volume 1 - The Real Lisztomania (2002)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument

Treasure Chest Volume 1 - The Real Lisztomania (Treasure Chest Volume 1 - The Real Lisztomania)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD VPTCCD1 Voiceprint Worldwide

Treasure Chest Volume 1 - The Real Lisztomania (2002)

Miscellaneous Information
Originally released as part of the limited edition Treasure Chest boxed set.

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Equipment Studio Engineering

Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Christian Loebenstein on 24/05/2002 [Other reviews by Christian Loebenstein ]

The Treasure Chest is here, and it's one fantastic box! Volume 1 consists of the "real" Lisztomania Soundtrack, as it was intended by Rick, but refused by A&M. From the opening scene narration by Paul Nicholas, through the Country Rag of "Country Sword Dance" and excellent versions of well-known Rick pieces as "Free Song", "Dante Period" a.o., this Soundtrack is hilarious, innovative, funny and provocative. I don't have to tell you, that it beats the one that came out in '75 a thousand times (or more than two thousand, to quote the master himself). Music: A+ Sound Quality: A+ And this is only Part 1 of the Box-Set…

Adam Lesley on 02/06/2002 [Other reviews by Adam Lesley ]

As a huge fan, I really looked forward to this disc, and as far as the music goes, it is excellent, and if you remotely like the original soundtrack, you'll love this one. The keyboard work is truly characteristic of '70's Rick. However, the disappointing thing is that the narrations here bring to mind the perversion of the original movie, which takes away from the overall enjoyment of the disc.

Hans van Hengel on 10/09/2015 [Other reviews by Hans van Hengel ]

The treasure chest truly became a chest of treasures. The OST released by A&M was good enough (despite the writer's verdict) but this album takes it just that two stops farther. Rick managed to produce a soundtrack mixed with some dialogue that turns the score into a film of its own. You don't need to see the film to get the picture. This version does it for you.