Treasure Chest Volume 8 - Stories

Treasure Chest Volume 8 - Stories (2002)

Track Title Length
1 Knickers 4' 24"
2 St Giles 3' 46"
3 The Chop 3' 28"
4 Countdown One 1' 15"
5 Countdown Two 6' 8"
6 Postman Pat 3' 24"
7 Hotels 3' 7"
8 Jethro Tull 2' 47"
9 Grass Skirts 4' 11"
10 Wrong Number 1' 44"
11 Siamese Twins 2' 6"
12 Albert 3' 39"
13 After The Balls Up 5' 34"

Treasure Chest Volume 8 - Stories (2002)

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Treasure Chest Volume 8 - Stories (Treasure Chest Volume 8 - Stories)

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Treasure Chest Volume 8 - Stories (2002)

Miscellaneous Information
Originally released as part of the limited edition Treasure Chest boxed set.

Available from Voiceprint

Equipment Studio Engineering

Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Christian Loebenstein on 25/05/2002 [Other reviews by Christian Loebenstein ]

Rick Wakeman – Stories: No need to say more. What I’d like to say at this point though is, that for the last couple of hours I have been listening to the Treasure Chest, step by step. I have only made a one hour break for dinner and the 7:30 news on TV and that’s it. I’d like to thank Rick especially, the team and the people at Voiceprint for letting us share these rarities, and I’m crying out for more.... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Adam Lesley on 02/06/2002 [Other reviews by Adam Lesley ]

As always, Rick is in top form as a storyteller on this disc. The stories are very entertaining. The notes on the back of the disc say it will only be available as part of the Treasure Chest, and this will be a nice bonus for the fans who buy the box.