The Wizard And The Forest Of All Dreams

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The Wizard And The Forest Of All Dreams (2002)

Track Title Length
1 The Meeting of Minds 8' 47"
2 A Wish To Fly 8' 54"
3 Childhood Dreams 9' 40"
4 A Sense Of Heaven 8' 30"
5 A Year In A Day 7' 17"
6 The Gift Of Life 10' 55"

The Wizard And The Forest Of All Dreams (2002)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Piano
The English Chamber Choir Choir
Guy Protheroe Conductor

The Wizard And The Forest Of All Dreams (The Wizard And The Forest Of All Dreams)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD MFW6092X Classic Pictures Worldwide

The Wizard And The Forest Of All Dreams (2002)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
•Recorded at Music Fusion Studios & Phoenix Sound, Wembley during April/May 2002 •Erik Jordan (Recording & Mixing)
•Martin Giles (Mastering)

Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Christian Loebenstein on 09/07/2003 [Other reviews by Christian Loebenstein ]

"The Wizard And The Forest Of All Dreams" is a beautiful set of modern classical pieces for piano & choir (with a little keyboard added here and there). The lengthy tracks are prime examples of Rick's unique compositorial and arranging gift & ability - still you can hear influences from Bach or Haydn to Gershwin and Philip Glass, if you like. In times of "Crossover", Bocellis, Brightmans, ERA and Bonds or even Kennedys, this album could easily reach (want it or not) a large audience - then again it's of course by no means "pop". So if you like modern classical music or you're simply looking for a new way to relax(it works!) you should definitely give this album a try. Completists need it anyway. Oh, and before I forget: order it through the RWCC-website, couldn't find it anywhere else on the internet - pity.

Tim Boudewijn van der Wart on 27/09/2004 [Other reviews by Tim Boudewijn van der Wart ]

Whenever I cannot get to sleep, I play this one, and I will be in dreamland before the second track begins!! This is to my opinion one of the best works Rick has ever done! Musically it is of the same high standard as his 70's output, although the music is completely different, only choir and piano. A must buy for all who enjoy beauty, complexity and relaxation. And indeed because of the sheer quality this one should appeal to a much broader audience than Rick has ever experienced!!