Out There - The Movie

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Out There - The Movie (2004)

Track Title Length
1 Out There 15' 20"
2 The Mission 6' 58"
3 To Be With You 7' 11"
4 Universe of Sound 8' 25"
5 Music of Love 8' 15"
6 The Cathedral of the Sky 11' 49"
7 Out There - The Concept 21' 13"

Out There - The Movie (2004)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Ashley Holt Live Vocals
The English Chamber Choir Choir
Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith Guitars
Guy Protheroe Conductor
Tony Fernandez Drums & Percussion
Damian Wilson Vocals
Ant Glynne Guitars
Lee Pomeroy Bass

Out There - The Movie (Out There - The Movie)

Type Cat No. Label Country
DVD PAL DVD6099X Classic Pictures Worldwide

Out There - The Movie (2004)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering

Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Peter Papegaaij on 24/03/2004 [Other reviews by Peter Papegaaij ]

Just received the DVD in the mail today. It was a long wait, but worth it. This is a very unusual movie. It's one long video-clip for the album. In my opinion the album is already one the best in Rick's line of concept albums (frankly I like Return to the centre of the earth and 1984 the most), and this movie adds something extra. The movie is a kaleidoscope of images that support the music and add atmosphere. In no way the picture is 'louder' than the music. And that is a good thing. The surround sound is great. The extra behind the scenes comes with an interview with Rick and impressions of the live show last year. I would have liked more footage from these concerts, especially the performance of Ashley Holt, who was better than ever (yes, I have seen the show). Well you can't have it all and I have my memories. All together this DVD is a must have. It is a next step in enjoying music. Can't wait what will come next.

Angel Muñoz on 12/10/2005 [Other reviews by Angel Muñoz ]

A very creative and very good album, with very good pieces of music, a new concept to watch and hear. I imagine a new journey to the centre of the earth but with more technology and in the future. If you are very interested in good and strange, but very good things I recommend this to you - particularly I like Cathedral of the Sky.