Made in Cuba DVD

Made in Cuba DVD (2005)

Track Title Length
1 Journey To The Centre Of The Earth ' "
2 The Recollection/The Spaceman ' "
3 Catherine Parr ' "
4 The Visit/The Return Of The Phantom ' "
5 Jane Seymour ' "
6 Shed Building ' "
7 King Arthur ' "
8 Cathedral Of The Sky ' "
9 Merlin The Magician ' "
10 Starship Trooper/Wurm ' "

Made in Cuba DVD (2005)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Ashley Holt Vocals
Lee Pomeroy Bass
Dave Colquhoun Guitar
Ashley Soan Drums
Erik Jordan Additional Keyboards

Made in Cuba DVD (Made in Cuba DVD)

Type Cat No. Label Country
DVD PAL DVD8056X Classic Pictures Worldwide

Made in Cuba DVD (2005)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
•Recorded April 2005 at the Karl Marx Theatre, Havana, Cuba

Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Angel Muñoz on 24/09/2005 [Other reviews by Angel Muñoz ]

It is honestly one to have, it’s a little bit similar to Live in Buenos Aires DVD but with more passion, very good music and surprises, Rick did his best in that album!

Peter Papegaaij on 02/10/2005 [Other reviews by Peter Papegaaij ]

This DVD is a must have for two reasons: We all know how difficult it is to record a live concert. Technically this is one of the best live recordings of Rick and NERE ever made. A lot of camera's in the right places. Editing the pictures logically with the performance of all musicians. Excellent picture quality. And good sound. Not perfect sound, but hey, it is a live concert. Compliments to the makers. But of course more important, this has been a great concert. I envy those who could attend. The band was sharp as a slingblade. Timing was excellent, tempo changes made without any hickups. Everybody playing together as a band, supporting each other. But, most of all, having fun. Rick was playing with a glint in his eyes, clearly enjoying playing with such excellent musicians. And then to think that the rehearsal time for this short tour was very limited. What else to say? This is Rick Wakeman at his best. Sorry I wasn't there, happy that there is such an excellent recording available. If you like Rick playing live, this DVD is a must have.