Retro 2

Retro 2 (2007)

Track Title Length
1 Chasing The Devil 6' 10"
2 Expect The Unexpected 4' 40"
3 Beyond The Void 9' 5"
4 An Angel Spoke To Me 5' 35"
5 The Soundtrack 7' 25"
6 The Fairground Shuffle 4' 35"
7 Robert The Robot 3' 45"
8 Standing Room Only 6' 25"
9 Tigger The Bounce 4' 45"
10 The Temple Of Life

Retro 2 (2007)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Tony Fernandez Drums & Percussion
Lee Pomeroy Bass and Bass Pedals
Dave Colquhoun Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Jemma Wakeman Vocals
Elliot Tuffin Vocals

Retro 2 (Retro 2)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD RWCD39 President Worldwide

Retro 2 (2007)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
•Hammond M102
•Leslie Cabinet
•Korg Mono Poly
•Poly Moog
•Korg Electric Piano ES50
•RMI Electra Piano
•Mellotron M400
•Korg Trident
•Mini Moog
•Korg Vocoder
•Moog Taurus Mk1 Pedals
•Moog Taurus Pedals II + Controller
•Korg Sigma
•Cry Baby Wah Wah Pedal
•The Pavilion Studios, Norfolk
•T Stage at Classic Media, Shepperton
•Colquhoun Studios, London
•Erik Jordan

Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

George R on 28/01/2013 [Other reviews by George R ]

The second Retro album has a grittier sound than the first. There is more organ, more guitar, and more bass pedals. Rick warns us to Expect the Unexpected and he delivers. No two pieces on this record have the same structure and Rick has once again put some surprises in his arrangements.
The highlights for me include the epic and huge organ chords in Standing Room Only, the whimsical vibe of Fairground Shuffle, and the spacey and epic Beyond The Void which has a killer mellotron choir part. Dave Colquhoun really shines on this record with tasty slide guitar playing in Expect The Unexpected and great solos on several tracks.
Retro 2 is one of my top 10 favorite records from Rick.