The Family Album

The Family Album (1987)

Track Title Length
1 Black Beauty (black rabbit) 3' 43"
2 Adam (Rick's 2nd son) 2' 43"
3 Jemma (Rick & Nina's daughter) 3' 35"
4 Benjamin (Rick's 3rd son) 3' 16"
5 Oscar (Rick & Nina's son) 5' 2"
6 Oliver (Rick's 1st son) 3' 18"
7 Nina (Rick's wife) 5' 16"
8 Wiggles (black & white rabbit) 2' 53"
9 Chloe (German Shepherd) 3' 59"
10 Kookie (Cat) 3' 52"
11 Tilly (Golden Retriever) 4' 44"
12 Mum 4' 48"
13 Dad 3' 39"
14 The Day After The Fair 4' 23"
15 Mackintosh 3' 40"

The Family Album (1987)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards

The Family Album (The Family Album)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD RWCD04 President UK
Vinyl LP RW4 President UK
Cassette RWK04 President UK
CD 88561-1025-2 President USA

The Family Album (1987)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
• John Burns

Rick's Perspective
An album that I can't play now as it is full of so much sadness for me. When it was first recorded it was all about everybody in my family and life that meant everything to me. Now, many have passed on or have proven not to be the great loves I believed them to be at the time. Knowing what I know now I would never have made this album.
Wakey's Verdict
A mistake, although not at the time.
Little Known Trivia
The piece written for Jemma was originally called Jump and Dance and was a song I wrote and played for her as a little girl to dance to. She loved it and I would play it for her every night before she went to bed.

Denilson Neves Rampin on 23/06/1997 [Other reviews by Denilson Neves Rampin ]

These songs are real musical pictures. Inspired by his family and pets pictures, Rick recreates great pieces of art with sour notes revealing his love and care for his dearest relatives.

Mats Landstrom on 24/09/1997 [Other reviews by Mats Landstrom ]

Warning! See my review of Zodiaque.

Ed Torres on 27/11/1997 [Other reviews by Ed Torres ]

What I like most about it is that it breathes! Mr. Wakeman really knows when to lay back and allow the picturesque images and mood his playing is putting forth to come into the foreground. We all know that at any given moment he could treat parts in the music really aggressively but only a true master like Mr. Wakeman can keep the balance of both in total control!

Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen on 04/12/1997 [Other reviews by Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen ]

This album is very nice.It contains pleasant music perfect for relaxation. And the concept of portraying the family musically is also quite sympathetic. Especially Rick's wife Nina is portrayed by a very nice piece of music.

Roberto Ugalde on 01/11/2003 [Other reviews by Roberto Ugalde ]

One of my favorite CDs from the maestro. It is full of musical textures, ranging from slow moody tempos to fast upbeat phrases. Wakeman's writing trademark abound in every song... slowly constructing melodic themes, then making variations and finally resolving each song with beautiful mastery. It was very interesting (altogeteher highly shocking) to read Mr. Wakeman's opinion on the album, which tells how big of a sensitive genius he is. Thank you for the music!

Henry Kujawa on 12/01/2018 [Other reviews by Henry Kujawa ]

I bought my first CD player a bit late, in June 1991. The day I got it, I also got my first 3 RW CDs-- ZODIAQUE, A SUITE OF GODS, and THE FAMILY ALBUM. While all 3 were listed as "New Age", ", I'm not sure this instrumental piano collection fit that description. This has long been a favorite of mine. "Black Beauty" opens the album with quiet magic. "Adam" continues with a really beautiful melody. "Jemma" paints a musical picture of unpredictable high energy interspersed with catching of breaths. This, along with "Oliver" (a more mid-tempo "dignified" energy) and "Wiggles" (high-speed frantic running in circles) are my 3 favorite tracks. I included them on a custom comp of my favorite RW songs. In addition, the romantic-yet-melancholy "The Day After The Fair" inspired me to watch the rather sad TV-movie it was the theme song from.