Sea Airs

Sea Airs (1989)

Track Title Length
1 Harbour Lights 5' 15"
2 The Pirate 4' 39"
3 Storm Clouds 3' 34"
4 Lost at Sea 3' 25"
5 The Mermaid 3' 26"
6 Waves 3' 29"
7 The Fisherman 3' 30"
8 Flying Fish 3' 14"
9 The Marie Celeste 4' 37"
10 Time and Tide 4' 3"
11 The Lone Sailor 3' 43"
12 The Sailor's Lament 4' 35"

Sea Airs (1989)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards

Sea Airs (Sea Airs)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD RWCD08 President UK
Vinyl LP RW8 President UK
Cassette RWK08 President UK

Sea Airs (1989)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
• Strawberry Studios (Tracks 2/12)
• Herne Place Studios between 1985/89
• Richard Scott (Tracks 2/12)
• John Acock (1/3-11)

Rick's Perspective
Seemed like a good idea at the time to do a follow up to the well received Country Airs. At the time I thought the music was fine that I'd written. I've changed my view now and would like to rerecord all three of the "trilogy" one day, (Country Airs, Sea Airs and Night Airs), with slightly altered arrangements and more enhanced melodies.
Wakey's Verdict
Wait for the re-record before buying!!
Little Known Trivia
By accident, a couple of the tracks on Sea Airs were destined for Night Airs and visa versa, but somehow ended up on the wrong CDs. hasty "slight" name changes solved the problem as it they had already been pressed and mastered.....and what were the tracks concerned?.....you must be joking if you think I'm going to own up to which they were!

Mats Landstrom on 29/09/1997 [Other reviews by Mats Landstrom ]

Same style as Country Airs but not quite as good.

Werner E. Moecke on 16/11/2002 [Other reviews by Werner E. Moecke ]

Sea Airs is a true classical masterpiece. It brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. That is all I can say about this work.

Ian Rutherford on 30/05/2003 [Other reviews by Ian Rutherford ]

Very much in the same vein as Heritage Suite - I think Rick's catalog has a bit more in this style, such as Country Airs. Back to the point, beautiful inspired solo piano. This album really delivers to its theme. Sailor songs could easily be trite and cliche - not here. Tracks like The Pirate are trully evocate of the subject matter. Currently has a permanant place on my desktop. So I think it's fair to say there are a number of styles that Rick plays in 1) Rock synthy, concept album (GREAT), 2) melodic solo piano (GREAT), 3) the odd 'bum album' - if only my best could equal his worst! 4) religous - haven't quite come to grips with that and 5) Choral (like the Wizard... which hasn't grabbed me yet) Sea Airs falls into category 2 and is must have!

Roberto Ugalde on 01/11/2003 [Other reviews by Roberto Ugalde ]

Very inspired piano by the maestro. Sea Airs is full of ambience and evoking pictures. Every song is so rich, melodic and melancolic. This work of art is one of Wakeman's best, yet most underrated treasures!