Aspirant Sunrise

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Aspirant Sunrise (1991)

Track Title Length
1 Thoughts Of Love 6' 37"
2 Gentle Breezes 6' 39"
3 Whispering Cornfields 6' 20"
4 Peaceful Beginnings 5' 19"
5 Dewy Morn 4' 25"
6 Musical Dreams 5' 45"
7 Distant Thoughts 3' 44"
8 The Dove 3' 50"
9 When Time Stood Still 3' 43"
10 Secret Moments 3' 46"
11 Peaceful 8' 45"

Aspirant Sunrise (1991)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Piano

Aspirant Sunrise (Aspirant Sunrise)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD RWCD17 President UK
Cassette RWK17 President UK
CD AMB2 MCD Ambient UK
CD SKV 025 CD Sattva Germany
Cassette SKV 025 MC Sattva Germany

Aspirant Sunrise (1991)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
• Bajonor Studios, Isle of Man during Oct 1990 • John Burns

Rick's Perspective
Everything that was said as regards Aspirant Sunshadows applies to this album
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Levente Toth on 21/04/1997 [Other reviews by Levente Toth ]

Suntrilogy - 3 hours of fragile, almost transparent music; sonic paintings of stunning colour, perfectly balanced ...the best experience a New Age music listener can have. The warmth of Rick's electronic arrangements, the melodic lines that are perfect in their simplicity, Rick's ability of translating into music landscapes, moods result in a brilliant ambiental work.

Max Hult on 11/02/2000 [Other reviews by Max Hult ]

Good new age album, but I would call the keyboard-sound as bad. The music is good, but at times it's too unvaried. A fan might buy it, but it won't catch a new listener's attention. I would recommend Adam's "Real World"-trilogy instead of this, because the sounds on that album are excellent. I'm not a very experienced new age-listener, so i can't really tell which one is better musically, but since the first impression of "Real World" was better than "Sunrise", I kinda stuck with it.