2000AD Into The Future

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2000AD Into The Future (1991)

Track Title Length
1 Into The Future 5' 6"
2 Toward Peace 3' 8"
3 2000 A.D. 6' 7"
4 A.D. Rock 5' 5"
5 The Time Tunnel 3' 15"
6 Robot Dance 8' 1"
7 A New Beginning 4' 10"
8 Forward Past 6' 3"
9 The Seventh Dimension 4' 28"

2000AD Into The Future (1991)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Stuart Sawney Percussion Programming

2000AD Into The Future (2000AD Into The Future)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD RWCD21 President UK
CD AMB-6M Ambient UK
Cassette AMB-6M/C Ambient UK
CD JIM 0063 Jimco Records Japan
CD JICK 89028 Jimco Records Japan

2000AD Into The Future (1991)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
• Bajonor Studios, Isle of Man • Stuart Sawney

Rick's Perspective
The music was originally recorded for a huge exhibition up in the north west of England and was released as a CD because so many people who had been to the exhibition wanted to buy it. Although an album of many styles, there is cohesion and I still enjoy listening to it.
Wakey's Verdict
A very pleasant recording with lots of nice styles with the sounds acting as the catalyst throughout.
Little Known Trivia
This music was taken into space by one of the Shuttle missions and fired out into space and travelled more than 17,000,000 miles...and is still motoring!

Time Lady Rabeca on 13/03/1997 [Other reviews by Time Lady Rabeca ]

The futuristic theme comes across clearly in this all-instrumental album. Several high-energy pieces (and a few slightly more mellow ones) flow nicely together, creating an excellent album to listen to at work. Better yet, just plug in some headphones and daydream away.

Alvaro Gallegos on 15/07/1998 [Other reviews by Alvaro Gallegos ]

This album belongs to the new age phase in Rick's career, it is not a great work. It is an instrumental album played just by Rick and an electronic percussionist. The melodies are not so good as we can expect from him and it's very rhythmic to be a new age album.

Dave Cable on 26/09/2014 [Other reviews by Dave Cable ]

I believe 2000AD was hailed as one the most stylish and dynamic synth albums ever made. Many years and hundreds of albums later I feel that it still is and as a result it is a more than fitting title for such an immense body of work. Rick may well have ditched his cape in the pseudo-digital time tunnel but the wizard was still out there and in control. 2000AD confidently runs through a wide range of musical styles while offering a fair amount of pleasant surprises along the way that only Rick could get away with, because it is done so well and, after all this is his identity which, as an 'artist' is an important aspect of any work. 2000AD is quintessential Wakeman doing what he does best and on his own terms. In a nutshell a fantastic album. Outside, a memorable and true classic in every sense of the word.