Live On The Test

Live On The Test (1994)

Track Title Length
1 Recollection 13' 50"
2 Music Reincarnate - The Realisation 5' 12"
3 Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight 5' 47"
4 Music Reincarnate - The Spaceman 4' 25"
5 Catherine Parr 10' 17"
6 The Prisoner 7' 36"
7 Merlin The Magician 7' 29"

Live On The Test (1994)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Ashley Holt Vocals
John Dunsterville Guitars/Mandolin
Martyn Shields Brass
Reg Brooks Brass
Roger Newell Bass/Vocals
Tony Fernandez Drums

Live On The Test (Live On The Test)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD WHISCD007 Windsong/BBC Enterprises UK

Live On The Test (1994)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
• The Maltings in Farnham live on 27th April 1976

Rick's Perspective
This is just taken from a live Old Grey Whistle Test recording from the 70's. In a nutshell it's pretty dreadful, but a piece of history. The label that released it promised me a great deal. It certainly was...for them that is. I've never seen a penny.
Wakey's Verdict
Don't support suspect labels like this.
Little Known Trivia
The first time Rick appeared on the Old Grey Whistle Test he was rather the worse for wear and the BBC bar was slightly low on stock by midnight.

Eduardo Valle on 01/02/1997 [Other reviews by Eduardo Valle ]

A recollection of his glorious days. With the English Rock Ensemble, Rick plays three songs of No Earthly Connection. A rare opportunity to hear these songs alive. You will also hear an exuberant version of Merlin the Magician and Catherine Parr. An album that cannot be absent in the Wakeman collector's collection.

Christian Loebenstein on 20/12/1999 [Other reviews by Christian Loebenstein ]

This BBC recording features the English Rock Ensemble in all their glory. They all must have had some drinks before the show. Off course they're promoting "No earthly connection" with the inclusion of 3 songs from the Album. The mix is typical "radio", but not bad. If you like Rick's legendary announcements, this is definetly the right CD for you. And don't miss John Dunsterville's Johnny Cash parody! All in all: a great mixture of good live music (some nice mellotron playing) and a lot of fun!

Dave Eaton on 31/10/2000 [Other reviews by Dave Eaton ]

This album is interesting for a couple of reasons. The fact that it includes some of Rick's funniest between song anecdotes (lager powered, by all accounts) and some pretty awesome keyboard work on the classic synths that we all love makes it a worthy listen. The sound quality is pretty standard for the period (1976), recorded during Rick's first leave of absence from Yes, and his piano sounds a bit distorted. The vocals are a little off at times, and the brass does nothing for Catherine Parr. But it's Rick that comes through best, and let's face it, that's what we all want isn't it?

Tim Boudewijn van der Wart on 26/10/2001 [Other reviews by Tim Boudewijn van der Wart ]

This recording from a 1976 Old Grey Whistle Test is most of all a lot of fun, in addition to that you get a perfect Catherine Parr, a happy mamma journey excerpt with terrible vocals and wonderful keyboard playing, a good Merlin and Lancelot and last but not least; three great songs from the rare No Earthly Connection album. I heard this album (Live on the Test I mean) was only just deleted from being on sale, I don't know if it is true, try to find a copy nonetheless it is definitely worth the money and the trouble!

Criag on 01/06/2017 [Other reviews by Criag ]

I liked the rawness of this album. It feels like you're listening to the band in pub. It also made me appreciate No Earthly Connection more, which I now regard as one of Rick's best. (Spot Ashley Holt's lines fluff on The Journey).