No Expense Spared

No Expense Spared (1993)

Track Title Length
1 No Expense Spared 5' 33"
2 Dylic 4' 28"
3 It's Your Move 3' 54"
4 No One Cares 7' 1"
5 Luck of the Draw 5' 50"
6 Dream The World Away 3' 32"
7 Is it the Spring? 4' 6"
8 Nothing Ever Changes 5' 2"
9 Number 10 5' 29"
10 Jungle 5' 39"
11 Children of Chernobyl 4' 58"
12 Find The Time 4' 41"

No Expense Spared (1993)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Adam Wakeman Keyboards/Vocals
Alan Thompson Bass/Guitars
Chrissie Hammond Vocals
Dr Doom Guitar
Stuart Sawney Percussion Programming
Tony Fernandez Drums & Percussion

No Expense Spared (No Expense Spared)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD RWCD22 President UK
CD 290 07 204 Bellaphon Germany

No Expense Spared (1993)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
• Korg
• Kurzweil
• Roland
• Hammond
• Moog
• Ensoniq
• Bajonor Studios, Isle of Man during Aug-Oct 1993 • Stuart Sawney

Rick's Perspective
One of the best prog rock openings I have managed to put together for any album. Trouble is for me it never really took off after that. Good melodies, good playing...but that's about it. I would one day like to dissect this album and remix it, perhaps even re-record a few areas as well.
Wakey's Verdict
It's always difficult to get cohesion in an album such as this. There was a lot of confusion from people as to which bits Adam played and which bits I played!!! Worth having though overall I feel.
Little Known Trivia
The sexy girl on the cover was the step daughter of the then golf pro at Peel Golf Club. (Let's leave it there shall we)!

Time Lady Rabeca on 13/03/1997 [Other reviews by Time Lady Rabeca ]

This album has a nice variety of music, from instrumental to touchingly serious songs, to songs I can only describe as one heck of a father and son jam session.

Joost Warners on 11/12/1997 [Other reviews by Joost Warners ]

Now this is probably the best "Rock" effort the Wakemen have made this decennium. An important pro of this album is that Tony Fernandez is present to play the drums, and even though I've no real problems with drum computers, it does make a difference! There are 7 vocal tracks, mostly penned by Adam, and 5 instrumental tracks which are absolutely stunning! Lots of tempo changes and really good keyboard (and moog!) solos around. Highly recommended to anyone into Wakey's heavier side.

Barry Cohen on 11/04/2000 [Other reviews by Barry Cohen ]

This marvellous recording is in my opinion very overlooked and underated to say the least. This masterpiece by the undisputed King and Prince of the Keyboard Kingdom is a wide variety of different sounds which will evoke a myriad of feelings from the listener. Some of the highlights of this recording are the songs "Dylic", the melodic and breathtaking "Children of Chernobyl", the get you out of chair and up dancing "Jungle", "Is it Spring", and "It's your Move." In addition to these excellent songs Rick and Adam once again demonstrate their committment to the causes of those less fortunate than ourselves with the heart breaking song "Dream the World Away" which speaks to the terrible tragedy of child neglect and abuse. Please do not overlook this stellar work by the Wakemans because it is just too incredible and powerful to not have in your RW and AW collection.