The Private Collection

The Private Collection (1995)

Track Title Length
1 The Battle 4' 35"
2 Penny's Piece 7' 43"
3 Pearl and Dean Piano Concerto 4' 35"
4 Piece For Granny 3' 58"
5 Steamhole Dance (Parts 1 & 2) 3' 37"
6 The Mountain 8' 18"
7 Warmongers 4' 14"
8 Aberlady 11' 18"
9 Now A Word From Our Sponsor 3' 14"

The Private Collection (1995)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Ashley Holt Vocals
Barney James Percussion
David Hemmings Narration
David Measham Conductor
The English Chamber Choir Choir
Gary Pickford Hopkins Vocals
Geoff Crampton Guitar
Jackie McAuley Guitar
John Gustafson Bass
London Symphony Orch Orchestra
New York Symphony Orch Orchestra
Roger Newell Bass
Tony Fernandez Drums

The Private Collection (The Private Collection)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD RWCD23 President UK
CD RIO CD 1004 Ambient UK
CD RIO CD 1004 President USA

The Private Collection (1995)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
• Stuart Sawney
• John Burns
• Paul Tregurtha
• John Timperley
• Dave Richards
• Ken Thomas

Rick's Perspective
This is a strange collection of oddball stuff that I found in my studio and just didn't have the heart to throw away. There is nothing great on there but on the other hand it makes for interesting listening if you're an anorak for this kind of thing.
Wakey's Verdict
For the ardent fan only
Little Known Trivia
I've got shed loads of stuff like this!!!

Siggi Zielinski on 20/09/1999 [Other reviews by Siggi Zielinski ]

This is a great collection of long lost and/or unreleased recordings like the only studio performance of "Battle" from "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" with original line-up and orchestra. Next rarity is a track from the "Journey" concert at the Royal Festival Hall ("The Pearl an Dean Piano Concerto"). Also four very nice previously unreleased solo-piano pieces to be found on this CD. Last but not least we have here two convincing rocking group tracks recorded during the early 80's.

Christian Loebenstein on 22/09/2001 [Other reviews by Christian Loebenstein ]

The Private Collection is rather a treasure box for the purists than an ordinary commercial release. It opens with a studio version of "The Battle" (repeat, studio!) done with the original Journey line-up plus the usual extra bits (choir, brass, etc). Most of the other tracks, classical pieces for piano/orchestra, were recorded live during the original Journey concerts - the quality of those recordings is stunning. "Steamhole Dance" and "Warmongers" sound very much like they were left off "Cost Of Living", interesting that these typical Wakeman instrumentals weren't used on the Album. Onn second thought they could have been on "The Burning" too, the backwards piano effect reminds me more of "Cost Of Living" though. The set concludes with "And Now A Word From Our Sponsor", a track that collectors might remember from a vinyl-single B-Sideā€¦