Vignettes (1996)

Track Title Length
1 Waiting Alone 4' 18"
2 Wish I Was You 4' 5"
3 Sun Comes Crying 4' 42"
4 A Breath of Heaven 4' 55"
5 Moment in Time 3' 42"
6 The Artist's Dream 3' 31"
7 Change of Face 3' 4"
8 Madman Blues 3' 50"
9 A Painting of Our Love 5' 54"
10 Riverside 4' 20"
11 Need You 4' 58"
12 Simply Acoustic 3' 29"
13 Just Another Tear 5' 12"

Vignettes (1996)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Adam Wakeman Keyboards/Vocals
Chrissie Hammond Vocals
The English Chamber Choir Choir
Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith Guitar
Phil Laughlin Bass
Stuart Sawney Percussion Programming/Guitar (13)
The String Ensemble Strings

Vignettes (Vignettes)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD RWCD30 President UK

Vignettes (1996)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
• Kurzweil
• Korg
• Technics
• Octava microphones
• Voice Crystal & Celestion
• Bajonor Studios Jun-Aug 96
• The Music Centre, Wembley (Strings & Choir)
• Stuart Sawney
• James Collins (Strings & Choir)
• Erik Jordan (asst Strings & Choir)

Rick's Perspective
In the style of Memories of a Victorian Age this is a very pleasant middle of the road album that again is ideal for that romantic evening. Some lovely sounds and melodies on this album.
Wakey's Verdict
Really worth a listen. I really must organise a romantic evening so I can play it too!!!!!
Little Known Trivia
There isn't any!

Mats Landstrom on 24/09/1997 [Other reviews by Mats Landstrom ]

A rather "poppy" album. The instrumentals are straightforward and the songs with vocals sound like American radio-rock especially the songs sung by Adam. The sound is also a little too safe for my taste. And there are no "dangerous" musical adventures at all on the album. So, a little uninteresting but not bad is my verdict.