The Gospels

The Gospels (1987)

Track Title Length
1 St Matthew - The Baptism 4' 25"
2 St Matthew - The Welcoming 4' 55"
3 St Matthew - The Sermon on the Mount 8' 24"
4 St Matthew - The Lord's Prayer 3' 40"
5 St Mark - The Way 3' 49"
6 St Mark - The Road to Jerusalem 6' 28"
7 St Mark - Trial and Error
8 St Mark - Galilee 3' 35"
9 St Luke - The Gift 5' 35"
10 St Luke - The Magnificat 4' 20"
11 St Luke - Welcome a Star 5' 7"
12 St Luke - Power 4' 26"
13 St John - The Word 2' 48"
14 St John - The Hour 5' 29"
15 St John - The Children of Mine 14' 17"
16 St John - The Last Verse 1' 15"

The Gospels (1987)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Ramon Remedios Vocals (Tenor)
Robert Powell Narration
The Eton College Chapel Choir Choir

The Gospels (The Gospels)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD SMD729 Stylus UK
Vinyl LP SMR729 Stylus UK
Cassette SMC729 Stylus UK

The Gospels (1987)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering

Rick's Perspective
Why oh why did I let myself agree to making albums on budgets woefully lower than necessary to make a good finished article. This is the worst example of my falling into this trap. I so wanted to record this music but had little or no money to do it with and the end result, although deeply from the heart, is dreadfully recorded and mixed. Thank heavens I was able to rectify it at a later date.
Wakey's Verdict
A bit of Wakeman history and that's about all.
Little Known Trivia
The tenor vocal was recorded on the deck of a boat on the River Thames at Walton in Surrey in the middle of winter!

Levente Toth on 21/04/1997 [Other reviews by Levente Toth ]

A quite innovative, daring and undeniably successful musical experiment based on the four Gospels. Blending synths, choir, Ramon Remedios' tenor vocals, Robert Powell's tranquil narration, it reflects the mood of a serene church reunion. With well-controlled emotional charge, it passes from moments of inner calm to passages of intense dramatic beauty.

Siggi Zielinski on 13/09/1999 [Other reviews by Siggi Zielinski ]

Contains great singer, very good compositions and ascetic keyboards but the awfully sounding drum-machine makes it sound like a cheap demo recording sometimes. It needs and deserves a re-recording! [Ed - like the New Gospels?]

Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen on 12/10/2000 [Other reviews by Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen ]

This album is among Rick's best 80s work, and shows us the man thinking big again, like in the mid-70s. The sound is very different though, due to new synthesizer technology and Ramos Remedios' voice. The narration and the choir are both in place, but the orchestra is missing. However, Rick's doing a very decent job, making all the instrumental sounds himself. The music is generally good on this album. All in all, it is a Wakeman album a fan should possess.

Paul on 03/02/2005 [Other reviews by Paul ]

I found it, at the time, certainly very refreshing as music goes. It was nice to listen to music (an album) that was far away from the run of the mill (rubbish) that the charts were pushing out. From what I remember listening to, I thought it was well thought out as an album and the design of the cover certainly caught my eye!