Review of Classic Tracks submitted on 22nd February 2002

This album should be on everyones want list! Instead of just rehashing songs for another compilation, Rick has rearranged and expanded the tracks to give them new life! 'Journey To The Center Of The Earth' is performed without narration and orchestration, giving space for inspired performance from Rick and the band. 'Catherine Howard' has been extended, allowing some interesting changes from the original version. 'Merlin The Magician' is fun! The new vocal and band arrangement really is ,well, magical! The sound of the recording is excellent as well. Bravo!!

Addendum: My review of this album from 02/22/2002 was written before I ever read Rick's Perspective! Had I known the history and Rick's feelings, I would have never written a review. Even though I still enjoy listening to Rick's playing on the album, I will no longer recommend anyone buying Classic Tracks.